Home grown tomatoes.


Its getting cold now so most of my plants on the terrace are dying off, but my tomatoes have managed to ripen up – even with the little amount of sun we’ve had! Trying to decide what to use them for…i’m thinking that some sort of chutney with the apples my mum has given me from the garden might be the best option…

The excitement of growing my own vegetables/herbs/fruit etc has provided me with inspiration for my Design project at Uni. The brief we were given was to do with Utopia [see previous post: http://wp.me/p2WypF-5 ] and the masterplan my group and I decided on revolved around the Island being as self sufficient as possible. In the food sense this meant Farms needed to be established, allotments and the facilities for all inhabitants of the Island to be able to grow their own food should be available. This is not necessarily to sustain oneself entirely but with the ability to be able to grow a variety and a surplus of different produce in order to trade/bargain/barter for other produce/products that they were unable to grow/make.

I started to research whether there were any models that currently existed of communities trying to be self-sufficient, or relying on the produce/products made to maintain a self-sufficient lifestyle. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of examples I found, this one in particular was interesting:


Although it is a prison, they have found that the re-offending rate is just 16% – the lowest in Europe and quite possibly the lowest in the world. What does this mean? Perhaps something to do with learning to appreciate and value life through the process of what you make or produce.

I also found these guys, who are working on research about permaculture in housing. They have based their work on Ecology Diagrams – drawings which aim to capture all of the material, energy, information and social flows acting upon a site. I am beginning to think this may be a starting point for a  design on my Utopian Island:


There were many other examples, but these have kick started the thought process..food for thought…!


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