Architectural Brief

The brief is an interesting thing. At work we are not usually given defined briefs. I think perhaps clients are usually unsure about the exact type of thing they want. They generally have an idea about the type of space they require, but would rather we helped them define what it is they want. Colleges are the worst, I think perhaps this is because there is not 1 client as such, teachers usually get involved and the the brief ends up constantly changing. This is hard to control sometimes! At Uni it is the opposite, we have to ensure our brief is well defined and clearly sets out what we are trying to achieve. This helps in the design process.

I think I have finally sorted out my brief for the Utopian project we are doing:


To begin the design process I am beginning to study the rituals of eating food, and in this instance I cooked some fajitas with some friends who came over for dinner…simple but very tasty! Not entirely sure where i’m going with this, but hopefully something will develop soon…











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